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Landscape Update – South Side

Landscape Update – South Side

Saturday, July 11th We ordered 5 cubic yards of topsoil mix from Bean’s Landscaping out of Hampshire and had it delivered on the same day. And then it rained the rest of the day! But I was able to purchase a new garden cart, assemble it (took awhile), and visit Wasco Nursery to purchase 19 […]

July 2015 TBR

July 2015 TBR

For the summer I have been trying to read 40 books, 10 a month starting in June and finishing at the end of September. This push is to try and reach my goal of 100 by year end. When baby number two arrives in November, reading is going to most likely take a back seat. […]

Revisions, Revisions, Revisions


I am finally starting to revise my hastily-composed novel. Well, not a novel yet, but more of a novella or novelette. Maybe it is just a “nove”. I guess at only 42,000 words, it needs a lot more to be considered a true novel. Hence the necessity for revision. I cringe at the idea of […]

“Goldmound” Spirea

"Goldmound" Spirea

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2014 I planted 18 spireas of the “Goldmund” variety that we purchased at Platt Hill Nursery. They have a beautiful golden shine to them when the sun is shining and look great from April until the snow falls. They look great during or right after a good rain, especially while […]

John Deere 425 Riding Mower

John Deere 425

I inherited a John Deere 425 riding mower soon after seeding the lawn. At the time it had around 675 hours on it and since then I’ve put about 40 hours (a short season in 2014 and just starting out in 2015). The mower runs wonderfully and is easy to drive. It has a 20 […]



In June 2013 we planted a single Honeylocust at a cost of $160. This tree is located about 25 feet from the northwest corner of the back porch and will hopefully provide some shade in the future. The tree is tall already and can grow 24 inches or more per year. I will try and […]

American Linden (Basswood)


In June 2013 we planted a single American Linden (Tilia americana) that was about ten years old. This tree is nice and tall and cost us $190.00, quite a nice price for such a mature tree. I am not sure the height, but it had a 4-inch trunk diameter. We planted the linden on the […]

Norway Spruce


In June 2013 we planted 10 Norway Spruces along with 8 Colorado Blue Spruces to start forming our windbreak. In the spring of 2014, it was obvious that one of the trees was not doing well. Unfortunately, it died form whatever illness struck it. But the other 9 are still doing fine. At planting, the […]

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

In June of 2013, we planted 8 Colorado Blue Spruces. This was part of the first step in planting a windbreak, which also consisted of 10 Norway Spruces. Three Colorado Blue Spruces were planted on the west end of the property, in line with the garage, while the other five were planted in the northwest […]

Book Review: Where Things Come Back

Book Review: Where Things Come Back

An exciting story with a great mix of characters. Some pretty tense moments, especially as the book came to a close. However, the ending was a bit irritating. Essentially, the narrator and main character Cullen, is always ruminating with these long “day dream” sequences where he is stuck in his head. I understand that it […]