Digital Marketing Specialist – What Does That Mean?

Digital Marketing Specialist – What Does That Mean?

A digital marketing specialist is someone who combines marketing skills with digital tools. This includes a broad range of areas of expertise and doesn’t only mean “uses the internet to sell stuff”.

What digital marketing entails is a combining of several strategies and techniques into meeting key objectives for companies, big and small. These objectives usually fall under two large categories: increase sales and increase brand awareness.

Much of what is involved in either category revolves around a company website and driving qualified traffic to that website. Qualified traffic here means people actually interested in whatever it is your company sells or does.

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist

For over 10 years I have been managing a large Google AdWords account for a small business in northern Illinois. I have since moved on from there, but continue to run several websites and put into practice my digital marketing skills.

Update 2016-09-19 I was hired by Cargo Equipment Corporation in Huntley, Illinois as Director of Marketing. I am still available for some freelance work, and hope to add some content about AdWords, Analytics, and Tag Manager as I find time.

I am working for the nonprofit Rockford Area Habitat For Humanity to assist in their digital marketing needs.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to boost your web presence and increase sales, leads, brand awareness, etc.

As a digital marketing specialist, I focus on two main objectives:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Google AdWords


I will cover SEO in greater detail, but in a nutshell, SEO means getting your site visible in the search results pages when someone searches relevant keywords to your business. This usually works best when your product or service is unique or you serve a local area. If you are a coffee shop, ranking high for the term “coffee” is not going to happen. But ranking for other terms can happen, and I can help make it happen.

With SEO it is best to understand this: content is your best friend. If you write compelling, interesting, unique, and keyword specific content, you can increase traffic to your site, and in doing so, convert that traffic to sales.


Google AdWords is a quick and affordable way to gain a top spot in the search results, all while being able to track the results of your campaign efforts. AdWords are paid search placements with keywords that you bid on. You can set budgets and bids, schedule times and days to show ads, focus on specific locations, and more.

AdWords can become costly quickly, but the ability to track ROI and make changes that are nearly instantaneous, means it can be a great investment for your business, if even in the short term.

I am Google AdWords certified and here to help you!

Google Analytics

One other area to cover as a digital marketing specialist is Google Analytics. There are many web analytics products out there (some that are of course better), but Google Analytics is free and includes a lot of great reporting tools to guide your digital marketing campaigns. With Analytics you can see what content is getting the most traffic, where your visitors come from, and the paths people take to convert (whether it is a purchase, a lead form, etc.).

The key to making analytics works is to start it now and collect the data over time (think months and longer!). This data will give you powerful insight into your website and help guide SEO and AdWords.

I am Google Analytics certified and here to help you!

Whatever your digital marketing needs, feel free to contact me today to get started!