Short Bio

My name is Eddie Callaway. I was born on September 7th, 1981 in northern Illinois and have always lived in northern Illinois except for a really short stint in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming). I am married (Stacia), have a 1-year old son (Elijah), a dog (Bella Nova Scotia), a cat (Rajah), and a horse (Teddy).

We all live out in the countryside of a quant town of less than 5,200 inhabitants, in a beautiful ranch house that we designed and was constructed in 2012-2013.

This Site

This site is about three main things:

  1. writing
  2. reading
  3. country living

Earlier in 2014 my sisters and I decided to start a club to encourage each other to write. We are all aspiring, yet-to-be-published authors, so it seemed like a great way to stay motivated when writing roadblocks got in the way. We named the club: Write Club and since one of my sisters lives in Ohio, and the rest of the club is in Illinois, we have two chapters.

I hope to post a lot about Write Club as well as the progress of our stories and someday, to publication.

A major component to writing is reading. Lots and lots of reading. To become a better writer, you really need to read a lot of books. So a big part of Write Club is a quasi-book club of sorts. I will be recommending books, reviewing books, and taking book recommendations from Write Club members.

Country Living
With a new kid and a new house in the country, much of my non-writing/reading free time is spent transforming our barren yard (it was a cornfield in 2012) to something beautiful. The house is beautiful, but the yard needs work. So I will sprinkle in various bits of commentary (and pictures) about this transformation and other events revolving around country living and raising a child.

I believe that nature is inspiring to the writing mind and it is my goal to create outdoor spaces that promote inspiration and clear thoughts. I also hope to set up a comfy office space indoors, but currently that room is a nursery and most of my writing is done in random spaces throughout the house.

That is all for now!

EC – 2/19/15