About Eddie Callaway

About Eddie Callaway

Howdy! My name is Eddie Callaway.

Short Bio

I was born on September 7th in northern Illinois and have always lived in northern Illinois except for a really short stint in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming). I am married (Stacia), have two sons (Elijah and Gabriel), a dog (Bella Nova Scotia), a cat (Rajah), and a horse (Teddy).

We all live out in the countryside of a quant town of less than 5,200 inhabitants, in a beautiful ranch house that we designed completely and was constructed in 2012-2013.

Digital Marketing Experience

I have spent the last nearly 13 years as a marketing specialist for a small business in Rockford, Illinois. Do to a large shift in management, I was laid off.
My experience while working there covered a lot of areas from print (catalogs/brochures), email campaigns, website redesign, product promotion, and my favorite area: digital marketing.

I managed a large Google AdWords account and performed all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the company (including writing and editing content, a major component of SEO).

I also used Google Analytics to dig around for areas to improve, traffic sources to put resources into, and keywords that were underutilized. I also spent a great deal of time communicating to upper management how various digital marketing techniques worked. AdWords, Analytics, and SEO are still not commonly understood in business!


Google AdWords certified
Goole Analytics certified

Eddie Callaway Google Partner Certifications

This Site

This site has two main goals:
1. promote my services as a Digital Marketing Specialist
2. review products, places, etc.

Eddie Callaway – 7/11/2016