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Talk Like TED: 9 Public-Speaking Secrets

Talk Like TED: 9 Public-Speaking Secrets

Talk Like Ted: 9 Public-Speaking SecretsNot many people enjoy speaking in public. I’ve heard it is feared more than death. While that seems a bit of an escalation, public speaking is definitely not easy.

Talk Like TED focuses on 9 specific public-speaking secrets, collected from many hours and hours of TED presentations. TED (Technology, Education, Design) is an invitation-only conference where some of the world’s experts present information on their area of expertise. Some of these presentations have been viewed millions (many millions) of times online and are some of the most enjoyable and insightful videos out there.

This book, besides revealing the nine secrets, goes into quite a bit of depth about the speakers and their presentations. Some of the info is overly obvious and not that easy to implement (otherwise everyone would be an expert speaker). But the insight and secrets spell out how you can greatly improve your presentations and be a better public speaker. And this applies whether you are speaking at a conference or to a small group at work.

The 9 Secrets From Talk Like TED

  1. Unleash the Master Within
  2. Master the Art of Storytelling
  3. Have a Conversation
  4. Teach Me Something New
  5. Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments
  6. Lighten Up
  7. Keep to the 18-Minute Rule
  8. Paint a Mental Picture With Multisensory Experiences
  9. Stay in Your Lane

Not all of these will be easy to master immediately, but even focusing on a few secrets will have a dramatic, positive effect on your presentation. Following the 18-minute rule is critical as it makes your presentation succinct and leads to a more creative approach. If you can narrow down your topic to this time constraint, you will remove extraneous material and drive home the top points (three is best) and give your audience something new to take away.

I’m definitely in the category of not liking to give presentations. But I know it is a worthwhile skill and have continually tried to push myself to speak before groups. Stepping out of the comfort zone is difficult but manageable. Good luck!